October 21, 2016

Chong Choon Cafe 泉春茶室, Kuching

Address: 275, Jalan Chan Chin Ann, 93100 Kuching, Sarawak.
Business hours: 6:30am - 12:00pm (Monday - Sunday, off on Tuesday)

Chong Choon Cafe
has moved! The new location is not too far from the old address. It's just the opposite road, behind Digi Specialised store. Last week went there with my bro for brunch. The new place is more comfortable, not stuffy. They even moved the old table-bench set to new place.

The new environment looks better but kinda missed the old 'warehouse' feel too.

Poh Lam Laksa stall

The toast stall

Had laksa at the new place. Special bowl RM7.00.

Egg in Toast. My favourite, shouldn't be missed.

Poke the egg yolk. Dip the Planta fragrant toast with egg yolk, tastes heavenly good.

The map to new address:

Sorry I have been busy lately, lack of appetite as well causing the update is slow this month. Will try catch up and blog another post these few days.

October 4, 2016

Beef Noodles @Yee Chwan Cafe 毓泉茶室, Bintulu

Location: Jalan Law Gek Soon (In between HSBC Bank & KFC), 97000 Bintulu

There are two famous beef noodles in Bintulu, one at Yee Chwan, another at Mubhibah cafe which is just a few steps away. We like the beef noodles at Yee Chwan Cafe the most since we were kids. Though the portion is pathetically little, we always ask for big bowl (yet still never have enough of it). Since the tummy only half full, I normally will order the roti bakar (kaya toast) here. The roti bakar here is toast on charcoal fire.

Other than beef noodles (Mee Sup Sapi), they also have laksa and kolo mee (Mee Kolok) too.

The noodle they used is not as yellowish. Soup is clear and not oily at all. The beef meat slice is also soft and easy to chew, must dip it with the chilli sauce.

The kaya toast, a set of two slices. Crispy outside, soft inside.

This is one of the must-try food in Bintulu. You wouldn't able to find this beef noodles elsewhere, same goes to Laksa in Bintulu. Our laksa in Bintulu tastes different from Kuching laksa. Try it if you have the chance to visit Bintulu.

September 28, 2016

Ah Suok Mee Sua @Double Happiness Cafe, Green Heights, Kuching

Address: KCLD, Lot 10039 & 10040, Block 16, Lorong Lanpangan Terbang 2, Green Heights Commercial Centre, 93250 Kuching, Sarawak.
Business hours: 5:35 - 5:40am until 2:00pm; Off every Tuesday

 The other day my friend and I had brunch here and I was quite surprised there were variety of choices. As we wanted to have a quick fix, I skipped the stalls that required long waiting time. It was Sunday, so the business was very good since the church was just next to it. I had nasi lemak instead, which the taste was just average.

Last month I went back again with my bro. So I managed to try out the stall at front that was popular the other day. Finally had a closer look at its menu. They are selling Foochow delicacies, such as mee sua, "Ding Bian Hu" (鼎边糊), gong pia, and sio bee. I'm quite impressed that they have extensive mee sua menu too. Felt so tempted to try it all, but decided to try out the chicken soup with vegetable noodles and Ding Bian Hu first.

The taste of cuttlefish pork leg mee sua (臭积柴墨鱼猪脚面线) is not commonly acceptable to public because of the strong herb smell, even I myself had the hesitation to consume the soup cooked with this type of herb (臭积柴) when I was a kid. Patin contains 8 types of herbs, it has slightly sweetness. These are all my favourites, except I have never tried this "chicken soup natural vegetable mee".

They sell also sio bee and gong pia. Haven't try so can't give any comment yet.

This is ding bian hu (鼎边糊), can't resist not to have it. But I was not so impressed with its taste, maybe it was because the chicken soup was tastier by comparison.

Foochow chicken soup with vegetable noodles, this combination looks special. No regret to order this as the portion is generous, two chunk pieces of chicken meat with big bowl of soup. Slurp! The chicken soup is cooked with Foochow red wine that caused the red colour. A bowl of this costs RM6 with egg, without egg only RM5.

I'd definitely go back to try out other mee sua too. Have to bring a friend or two so that we can order more and share. It's worth to try, hmm... feel like having Patin mee sua on my next visit.

September 19, 2016

ABC Stall No. 11 @Pending Seafood Centre, Kuching

Location: Lorong Simen Raya 2, Pending Industrial Estate, 93450 Kuching (Pending Seafood Centre)

I never know there's a ABC (ais batu campur) stall here at Pending Seafood Centre until a friend mentioned its ice kacang taste good like no other in Kuching. The journey to Pending Seafood Centre is quite a distant from my house, so I rarely go there. But in fact this place is another good choice for seafood other than Top Spot Food Court in Kuching. Somehow I reckon their seafood is much fresher than at Top Spot Food Court because the fisherman's wharf is just nearby.

The ABC stall is a bit worn-out, 2 - 3 tables in front of the shop. Majority of the customers came for take-away and their take-away portion was really big, like a family consumption size. I can imagine how happy their kids will be when their father brought it home.

Their menus are wrapped with plastic bag that blurred out the wording. Other than ABC, they have rojak too.

The ABC. I can't remember I ordered ABC or special, but I remember there was no cendol inside. Overall it tastes equally good as Swee Kang's. But the shaved ice is slightly coarse.

This is the stall with no name nor signboard. Only their regular customers know its existence.

At the entrance, Boon Seng Seafood Industries is on your right hand side.

Map to Pending Seafood Centre.

I don't know their business hour. Will try to make a second visit and update this blog entry in the future.

September 12, 2016

真功夫 Real Kungfu, Guangzhou

Real Kungfu is the fast food chain established its first branch in Guangzhou. Now it has branches across more than 30 cities in China. Its fast food concept is similar to McDonald's or KFC, the difference is that they focus on steamed foods which is more health conscious.

What's good about this fast food restaurant is that they are available early in the morning too. Generally the malls in Guangzhou open at 10am, even the restaurants. So while we were waiting for the time to pass in a mall, we decided to have our breakfast here. The breakfast menus are attractive though the variety is limited, price range from RMB 7 to RMB 14. If you are interested to view their breakfast menu, click here. They will switch to lunch menus at 10:30am.

Our breakfast, porridge with century egg, glutinous rice chicken, steamed buns, and hot soy bean.

Pork steamed buns + porridge, only RMB 12.

Generally all the porridge / congee in Guangzhou taste delicious. Porridge is always a good choice for breakfast. But it digests fast so it's good to have it with submenu, such as buns or glutinous rice.

The glutinous rice chicken in lotus leaf. The taste is acceptable, above average. The portion is slighter smaller than I thought. This glutinous rice chicken + porridge costs RMB 12.50.

I will definitely patronise again in the future. Just that... their lunch menus are slightly expensive for me. If you go on budget, you can get your meal done at Family Mart or 7-Eleven.

September 3, 2016

ShunJi Icehouse 顺记冰室 & BaoHua Noodles 宝华面店 @BaoHua Road 宝华路, Guangzhou

Address of ShunJi Icehouse 顺记冰室:85 BaoHua Road, Liwan, Guangzhou

I forgot to take picture of the front shop as the road was quite congested. After the fish skin salad at Chan Tim Kee, we wanted to try out the famous Nanxin Milk Desserts Expert 南信牛奶甜品专家. Unfortunately it was too full. So we diverted to Shunji Ice House 顺记冰室 which sells also desserts.

Menu on the table top. Wide variety, it took us sometime to decide what to have.  

We chose traditional double skin milk 传统双皮奶, coconut ice cream 椰子雪糕 and mango ice cream 香芒雪糕. Paid on spot and waited the food to be served.

Come to think of it, a small scoop of the ice cream at RMB13 is quite pricey actually. The ice cream texture was soft, the taste was above average but the portion itself definitely not worth for the price we paid. The double skin milk was good but quite plain in taste, perhaps it would be good if we ordered the double skin milk with red bean paste.

Address of BaoHua Noodles 宝华面店:117 BaoHua Road, Liwan, Guangzhou

Followed by ShunJi Icehouse, we went to BaoHua Noodles 宝华面店. In fact, we were superb full. As it was our last visit here, I forced my mum to try out the famous noodles here.  The signature dishes are the fresh prawn wonton noodles, pork knuckle noodles, and white radish stew. I didn't really want to order the white radish stew, the waitress told me it's their signature so I agreed to it.

My mum's wonton noodles. The portion was very generous, my mum could finish the wontons by herself. But the broth was rather salty for us.

I was stunned the huge chunky white radish was served. We were definitely not able to finish it all.

My pork knuckle noodles. Slurp! The pork skin was chewy, I liked it. If I entered this place with empty stomach, I think I could enjoy savouring every bite of it. Just that the noodle is not to my personal liking, it is made with alkaline water. Although the noodle chewiness was good, I detest the alkaline taste after a few bites. Broth was extremely tasty, it was stewed with assorted ingredients such as scallops, shrimps, pork bones, etc.

There's another good place for quick stomach fix in Guangzhou which I'll blog next. So stay tuned.

August 28, 2016

Fish Skin Salad & Congee @Chan Tim Kee 陳添記食家, Guangzhou

Location: BaoHua Road (长寿路站 ChangShou Road subway station)

This post will be more favourable for those who can read Chinese because the map and address are all in Chinese. I spent sometime to search online the famous foods in Guangzhou, listed the most popular ones. 陳添記 Chan Tim Kee is one of it. Based on the Google map, it is not that hard to locate. In actuality, when you walk on 宝华街 BaoHua Road it could be problematic to search the streets because the road is so busy and crowded with people and vehicles.

I accidentally found 陳添記 Chan Tim Kee in the alley when my mother and I stopped for a while to take picture. Immediately we walked in to have our brunch, the weather was extremely hot that time.

The menus are all in Chinese. But fret not, most eating places in China provide pictures in menu now. You can just point which you want to order. But you would not able to know the ingredients because no translation.

The take-away counter is here. Enter and get a table if you want to dine in. I didn't know the procedure to order, I placed order and paid at the counter first.

This is the signature dish of 陳添記 Chan Tim Kee, Fish Skin Salad 爽鱼皮 'shuang yu pi' (RMB 22). The fish skin was swift boiled and subcooled in water, making the texture more crunchy when chew. Tossed with seasonings, peanuts, spring onions, celery leaves, ginger, and sprinkled with sesame seeds. It is worth to try, the taste not fishy at all. But it was overly salty for us, perhaps the seasonings was overdosed. By looking at the fish skin closely, don't you think it looks quite similar to snake skin too?

In Guangzhou, there is one dish you must not be missed: Congee 艇仔粥. I like their congee too, but there's another shop selling better congee than this around this area. I failed to locate the shop though, vaguely remember it's on the road side, opposite a mall and they mainly sell congees.

The soybean milk was tasty too, not diluted.

The map, 宝华路 = BaoHua Road, 长寿路地铁站 = ChangShou Road Subway Station. The logos indicated herein the locations of Chan Tim Kee 陳添記食家. They have two outlets here.

The business hour starts at 9am, ends at 10:30pm.

Chan Tim Kee 陳添記食家 is near to Shangxiajiu Commercial Pedestrian Street 上下九步行街.

Most of the good foods in Guangzhou are concentrated in this area, LianXiangLou 莲香楼, BaoHua Noodles 宝华面店, ShunJi Icehouse 顺记冰室, Nanxin Milk Desserts Expert 南信牛奶甜品专家, MeiMei Fried Food 美美炸物, XinLian Rice Noodle Rolls 新联肠粉店, Kin Kee Noodles 坚记面店, YinJi Rice Noodle Rolls 银记肠粉店, etc.

We only managed to visit LianXiangLou 莲香楼, BaoHua Noodles 宝华面店, and ShunJi Icehouse 顺记冰室.  Couldn't stuck in any more food and it was only last day in Guangzhou. Next time I'll spare two days here to hunt all the foods here.

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