August 26, 2013

Ayuke Fish Chef 阿鱼哥

Business hour: Not sure the starting time, but close around 1- 2pm.



Ayuke Fish Chef is located at Jalan Song, the shop lots behind One Jaya Complex. The name is self-explanatory. Ayuke Fish Chef is specialized mainly in fish cuisine. One of its signature dishes is called Tomato Fish Mix Soup 蕃茄鱼什汤, consists of fish ball, fish cakes, fried fish skin, fish wanton and vermicelli. Because of tomato, the soup is a little bit sour taste. Price at RM7.00 (Small), it's the cheapest among other dishes. The other one I would like to recommend is its Milk Fish Head 炸鱼头米粉. Those who like fresh fish, should pay a visit here.


The menu is here:



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