August 26, 2013

Bintawa Kueh Chap 民達華粿什

Address: No.1310, Lot 7719, Jalan Keranji Tabuan Jaya, 93350 Kuching
Business Hour: Tues - Sun 4:30am - 10:00pm

Kueh chap is one of famous delicacies in Kuching. A bowl of kueh chap contains pork meat, pork bellies, pork skin, tofu, boiled egg and kueh tiaw in pieces. For me, the most crucial component that identified a nice kueh chap is its soup base. The soup must be thick in flavour. Don't mess up, the dark soup is definitely different taste from Bak Ku Teh. This shop is specialised in kueh chap. It has been existing in Kuching for many years. When I was studying in college, I got to know this place because a friend of mine lived at Bintawa Taman Riverview and it was just located in front of her house. Whenever I craved for kueh chap, it was always my first choice. But the distance was quite far though. Alternatively I would go to Hui Sing hawker stall for my second best.

Bintawa Kueh Chap

Bintawa Kueh Chap


One or two years ago, Bintawa Kueh Chap has moved to Tabuan Jaya which is more a 'convenient' location. If you haven't try it, drop by when you pass by that shoplot at Jalan Keranji in Tabuan Jaya.

Small bowl costs RM4.00, Medium RM5.00 and Large RM6.00.

Bintawa Kueh Chap

Small bowl of Kueh Chap (RM4.00)

Bintawa Kueh Chap

Beside kueh tiaw, you can choose to have kolo mee (noodle) or rice too. Or those who doesn't take Kueh Chap, can order Kolo Mee too.

* I doubt the price remained the same or increased as these photos were taken in March 2012.

Here is the map:
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