August 26, 2013

Claypot Chicken Rice at Thompson's Corner 东升阁

Location: Tabuan Jaya, behind Ibraco Berhad



It is a rare fine to get a nice Claypot Chicken Rice in Kuching. And I have been patronizing this stall for sometime because it has the authentic taste like I had in Singapore when I was still a teen. There is another stall selling Claypot Chicken Rice at Siang Siang Corner in MJC which is good taste to me too but this stall at Thompson's Corner has thicker aroma.

The original criteria of Claypot Chicken Rice has to have small salted fish slice, chopped chicken meat, mince meat, ginger, Chinese sausage, rice and thick soy sauce. Cooked it until the rice burned on the circumference. Lastly, sprinkled with some white pepper powder. Done! Slurp slurp!

Price at RM6.00, is absolutely a steal for the portion served.


Besides Claypot Chicken Rice, they have Bak Ku Teh as well. But the taste is milder than Klang's Bak Ku Teh. Price at RM6.00 + RM1.00 for rice.


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