August 26, 2013

Hakka Lei Cha 海南村客家擂茶

Business hour: 10:00am - 1:30pm (Open on public holidays; closed on Sundays)
Address: 149, Jalan Pisang Barat, Kuching
Contact person: Mr. Lee 李远东 (014-681 2000/016-522 6398)

Lei cha is Hakka's specialized dish. Not many people fancy on lei cha because of its bitter and "green" taste. But there are people who love healthy diet would like to take lei cha regularly. This is the most famous lei cha in Kuching. The business is conducted at their residence compound, located at Jalan Pisang Barat. I had my first experience of lei cha here and ever since then I fell in love with it.


The couple, Mr. Lee and his wife was broadly introduced in newspaper and even interviewed by Astro Taste with Jason 阿贤人情味 (




A bowl of lei cha has ingredients like chopped long beans, sweet leaves (cangkuk manis), salted radish, tofu, crispy roast peanuts and brown rice. Together with a bowl of green soup, made of assorted finely ground herbs, with mints and ikan bilis (anchovies) aroma. Different lei cha sellers have different recipes. Some use dried shrimps as soup base but Mr. Lee used ikan bilis (anchovies), very rich and smooth taste! If you don't like the bitter taste, you can ask to reduce the bitterness. If you are a lover of bitterness, ask them to double it up.



Lei Cha RM4.00 in small size


If you never try lei cha before, make sure you make the right choice the first time. Choose the best lei cha!

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