August 26, 2013

Home-Made Specialities 我家小食

Location: Ang Cheng Ho



Have you ever tried Heng Hua Mee 兴化面 in Kuching? I have tried some but rarely found any better taste than this stall at Home-Made Specialities. Honestly speaking, the noodle itself is tasteless. The tastiness from the soup base and its ingredients: prawns, shredded egg, meat ball and pork meat. I have to stress that the prawns are very fresh. The soup is slightly spicy because of white pepper.

Normal size RM8.00 per bowl. If you want big prawns, it will cost almost the double: RM15.00. They also provide chili soy sauce, beware.. it is spicy because they use chili padi.


Oh yeah, if you couldn't find any seat available at downstairs, do check out the upstairs. It's air-conditioned!

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