August 26, 2013

Hui Sing Hawker Centre 辉盛小贩中心

Location: Hui Sing Garden, Stampin, Kuching


Penang has the famous ice kacang. Whereas Kuching here we have something different too at Hui Sing Hawker Centre. It is popular place among college students as it is located nearby INTI College. The hawker centre only operates at evening time, around 5pm until 9 or 10pm. I am not sure when is their rest day, probably Monday.

If you visit Kuching, the place is a must-visit place. There have variety of local food you can try at one-go: Kolo Mee, Satay, Dumpling, Tomato Kueh Tiaw or Mee, Mixed Rice, Kueh Chap, Cha Kueh, Fried Noodles or Kueh Tiaw with clams and Kuih Muih. I would recommend Kolo Mee, Satay, Tomato Kueh Tiaw, and not to forget the unique shaved ice drinks from Ah Meng Cafe (Stall No. 21): "Mattahorn" and "White Lady".

Ah Meng Cafe has other menu too, you may ask the taukenio for recommendations. Kuching customers will request the drinks served in steel bowl, different 'feel' from having it in a glass. I can't recall the price, it is between RM1.80 - 2.50, may be? Inflation is getting worse in Malaysia these years.

Ah Meng Cafe was introduced by TheStar before. The owner is the creator of Mattahorn and White Lady. But every drinks stall here has the same menu too.

Mattahorn: A clear version (without milk) contains cendol, grass jelly, longan, pineapples and a slice of lemon.


White Lady: Milky taste version contains longan, pineapples, mango juice and evaporated milk


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