August 26, 2013

Kampua at Ah Liong Cafe 阿良茶室

Location: BDC Commercial Centre, 942, Ground Floor, Lorong BDC, Kuching. Opposite Stampark Swimming Pool.


At times, I craved for Kampua with deep-fried pork lard. I would go to Ah Liong Cafe as it's nearer to my place. Here served quite nice kampua too. I like it because they use ceramic plate not plastic. I don't like the greasiness on plastic plate. Food served in ceramic pottery is more appropriate for the sake of hygiene.

Kampua nowadays in Kuching is priced at RM3.00 per plate. Sibu still has the cheapest Kampua at RM2.50. For your information, Kampua is originated from Sibu, a Foochow dish. Different from Kolo Mee, Kampua has 'smoother' noodle (not curly) and fully boiled. The original taste of Kampua cannot miss out the lard. Some sellers want to keep the cost low, they use cooking oil instead. But it's nothing close to the real taste of Kampua.

This stall uses little lard so it is not so greasy.. but they give you the crispy lard fritters which I always reserved it for the last and savor later. Check this place out if you want to try the taste of lard in Kampua.


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