August 26, 2013

Peter Noodle House 彼得麵店

Location: Precinct 88, Jalan Song

Peter Noodle House

"Noodle experts 麵匠" is another Kuchingites' favourite for Kolo Mee. The main stall is located at Kenyalang's new business block (behind Shell Station). The one I am going to introduce is the 'branch' located at Jalan Song.

The Kolo Mee here tastes good. A bowl of RM3.50, the portion is just right.

Noodle Experts

Wanton Kolo Mee

Noodle Experts

The coffee shop here has limited choices. Other than Kolo Mee, they sell Laksa and toasts. Not many people know this place though, as its location is not so 'ideal'. If the noodle experts at Kenyalang is too crowded on weekends, this place is another option for you.

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