August 26, 2013

Song Kheng Hai 宋庆海

Location: Pandungan, Jalan Song Kheng Hai, 93100 Kuching, Sarawak

Song Kheng Hai Hawker Centre

Hot day, what we normally want to do is to have something 'cold' and eat something 'light' as afternoon tea. Song Kheng Hai is our favourite place for afternoon tea. You will be spoiled with variety of choices. Rojak, chap kueh, kueh chap, etc. One of the famous local dish in Kuching is Belacan Bee Hoon, it is cuttlefish with vermicelli in shrimp paste sauce.

Song Kheng Hai - Belacan Bee Hoon

There is one thing you must have is Gong Pia "光饼" from stall no. 7 RIHGA 丽佳, the stall is located at the back row. Gong Pia is Foochow delicacy originally. Gong Pia with minced meat is the original version but Rihga has reinvented Gong Pia with different flavours. Now they have Gong Pia in 4 distinctive flavours: Minced meat, cheese, garlic and ham. Try it out! I still like the original flavour the most.

Song Kheng Hai - Gong Pia

Song Kheng Hai - Gong Pia

As for drinks, we have shaved ice ABC special. I love the ABC from the first stall at the main entrance. But I skipped for ABC that day. Another signature drinks in Song Kheng Hai is Sugarcane with Coconut. It is a must-have in Kuching too. Very refreshing!

Song Kheng Hai - Sugarcane Coconut

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