August 26, 2013

Ta Wan Kung 大碗公面店

Business hour: 7:30am - Around 1:00pm (Tuesday - Sunday) Closed on Mondays

Kolo Mee is one of the signature dishes of Kuching. It is a must-try food if you visit Kuching. There are a number of cafes in town serves very nice Kolo Mee and Ta Wan Kung is one of my favourites. Ta Wan Kung is located at Ang Cheng Ho area, opposite Dewan Masyarakat Padungan. It is easy to spot along Jalan Padungan.

Above dish is soup noodles, we called it 水面. Unlike others' Kolo Mee, Ta Wan Kung's Kolo Mee doesn't have minced meat only char siu. Its char siu meat is absolutely tender and delicious to me even though I'm not a char siu fan. The meat portion is quite generous. And the noodles is unlikely purchased from any local noodle factory. I didn't ask if the noodles is handmade by themselves. You would definitely like its noodles as it's perfectly boiled and not over-cooked. Mixed with deep-fried garlic oil, it is definitely worth the price of RM3.50. Other than Kolo Mee, they have other dishes too. 炸酱面 noodles with soybean paste, 猪干汤 pork liver soup, 水饺 dumpling, etc. If you a fan of noodles, Ta Wan Kung is definitely a place worth checking out.

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