August 26, 2013

Wu Cha 18 武茶十八

Address: No. 20, Ground Floor, Tabuan Heights Commercial Centre, Kuching (Next to SRC Restaurant)

Taiwan milk tea business is started to prevail in Kuching lately. A lot of different outlets has been mushroomed up in town, be it authentic from Taiwan or local brand. Unlike the milk tea we had in the past, now we can decide the sugar and ice level. If you don't like something too artificial, you can order something light and healthy e.g. fruity ice tea or purely tea.

Few days ago we passed by Jalan Song and spotted this new outlet. Decided to give it a try.



The shop furnishing was done pretty nicely.



We ordered Rainbow Fruit Punch Pop Egg Iced Tea and Double Chocolate Milk at medium size, half sugar level and half ice. RM5.80 each. The taste was quite light, not up to my expectation. Personally think it is not worth the price but this is quite a good place to hang out with friends.


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