September 22, 2013

Delicious Pork Congee at Hua Lamphong, Bangkok

I can't elicit clearly the location of this shop at Hua Lamphong area. The only thing I know it's inside a junction opposite the temple entrance. I was accidentally found this place one time when I walked my way to Chinatown from Hua Lamphong MRT station.

I don't normally take congee, but congee is always a good choice for breakfast. This pork congee is smooth, with sprinkle of ginger and spring onions. I really like it. I tried to go there again for few times after that, but it was closed every time I reached there. So I only had one time luck to have it. Guess they sold out before 11am. Point to add, they provide tea for free. Those who stays at Hua Lamphong, should give it a try.

Just as a rough guide, I snapshot some pictures of the place located.

Junction Opposite Temple at Hua Lamphong
The Highlighted Location 
The Menu on the wall


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