October 23, 2013

Lok Lok at 3rd Mile Siang Siang Corner (Updated on 07/09/2014)

Location: Central Park Commercial Centre, 3rd Mile, Kuching

* UPDATED: The owner might either moved to different location or retired. The lok lok stall is taken over, strongly NOT recommended as it tastes so so and oily.

This lok lok stall was recommended by my brother when we both studied at college in Kuching. And I introduced it to my friends and they loved it too. Until today we will still recall its taste from time to time. Last two weeks, I started to crave for it suddenly. Luckily the owner is still in business at the same place. Otherwise, I would be sad as I didn't get their contact number (just in case they move to other place).

Assorted lok lok choice and menu on board

There's one must have item I never miss. The bishop's nose aka chicken tail. You might think it's disgusting and fatty oily. But it's not. The owner is doing conscientious business. The fat part has been removed and they used kitchen tissue to absorb the cooking oil before serving. It's crispy and I usually chew the bone together too. A stick of this costs only RM1.30. But it used to be 4 pieces per stick during college time. Now it is 3 pieces per stick. Point to note, they use bigger bishop's nose unlike others who sell smaller in size. Big thumb to the owner!

Alfresco Wine | Dine

Location: Hock Lee Centre, Kuching (360 Hotel)

Alfresco started business in 2011. And this is one of our favourite places for Western food. Two main selling points to note: Big portion and delicious. The price is reasonable for this kind of restaurant standard too. Usually my friend and I would order one chicken chop and one salad to share. It is definitely sinful if to finish by myself.

It is combination of pub and restaurant. If you don't mind, you can dine inside the pub too. But as the pub equipped with karaoke, you might have to endure the noise while having the meal.

This is the main course menu page, it is quite blurry because of the dim light atmosphere. And I didn't use flash light.

Mushroom soup at RM7.00. It was not up to our expectation that day. Compared to the first time we had it which was exceptional good.

You can choose the sauce, mushroom or black pepper for chicken chop.

Lamb chop at RM23, nothing too special. I would still prefer chicken chop though.

Alfresco is on Facebook. You can call them for reservation.

October 13, 2013

Chong Chon Cafe 长春茶室

Location: 308, Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce, 3rd Mile (behind McDonald's)

I regularly visit this cafe because of its lamb stew noodle. Its tenderness is truly a rare find in Kuching. Melt in your mouth and you don't even have to chew. The herbs and spices they used are perfectly matched with lamb. Normally I will request for the green noodle which is made of spanish.

Aside from lamb stew noodle, they sell beef noodle, ginger duck noodle, pork leg rice and dumplings as well. I noticed their dumplings were different too, the skin was also made of spanish. I should give it a try too next time.

A big bowl of this lamb stew noodle is only RM7.00. With two big chunks of lamb stew, the price is definitely worth it.

Updated on 10/04/2016: The vendor has moved his stall to Chicwan Cafe, just 2 or 3 lots away from his previous location.

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