October 23, 2013

Alfresco Wine | Dine

Location: Hock Lee Centre, Kuching (360 Hotel)

Alfresco started business in 2011. And this is one of our favourite places for Western food. Two main selling points to note: Big portion and delicious. The price is reasonable for this kind of restaurant standard too. Usually my friend and I would order one chicken chop and one salad to share. It is definitely sinful if to finish by myself.

It is combination of pub and restaurant. If you don't mind, you can dine inside the pub too. But as the pub equipped with karaoke, you might have to endure the noise while having the meal.

This is the main course menu page, it is quite blurry because of the dim light atmosphere. And I didn't use flash light.

Mushroom soup at RM7.00. It was not up to our expectation that day. Compared to the first time we had it which was exceptional good.

You can choose the sauce, mushroom or black pepper for chicken chop.

Lamb chop at RM23, nothing too special. I would still prefer chicken chop though.

Alfresco is on Facebook. You can call them for reservation.

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