November 30, 2013

Five Loaves Two Fish 五鱼二饼, Kuching

Location: Precinct 88, Jalan Song, Kuching (Next to Young Su Korean Ice Cream, opposite Ching Kwong Methodist Church)

The other day went to late lunch at Little Sky Cafe, passed by and found out this cafe was full. Thought it must be quite good. Then made another visit there again for lunch. If you know where Little Sky Cafe is, then this cafe is located behind Young Su Ice Cream which is next to Little Sky Cafe.

The owner should be Christian. There's no signboard in English but Chinese: 五鱼二饼, which is the story of Jesus feeds the five thousand in bible. The cafe is quite small in size, there are only two fans available. And, I assume they are Foochow because of the Foochow dishes in the menu. The cafe is very hygienic, I definitely would visit again.

As the menu is only in Chinese. But pictures are available and also attached on the wall for reference.

I had 三杯鸡,direct translate Three Cup Chicken (RM5)

My bro's 红糟三层肉, Hong Zao Pork (RM5)

光饼 Gong Pia

卤鸡爪 Chicken Feet Stew

Rice portion is quite small. It looks yummy with the preserved vege and boiled egg. Too bad, the dishes were not steamy hot when served. Gong pia was baked instead of deep fry, not oily and safe to eat. The chicken feet is nicely stewed too.

November 25, 2013

Song Hin Pork Porridge 松兴肉粥

Location: Open Air Market, Jalan Khoo Hun Yeang, Kuching, Sarawak

Open Air Market divided into two parts. The one facing Pandang Merdeka is the place for the famous siobee and beef noodle. I'll introduce them next time. The back part facing the Waterfront is mostly cater for dinner, Chinese dishes. There are two stalls selling pork porridge here. This stall was introduced by Axian before, click here:

An old picture I derived online:

This place just underwent renovation last year. Looks much more 'cleaner' and bright. But the hygiene still has some room for improvement. The tables have been used for long time and "laminated" with a layer of stain. If wipe harder with wet tissue, you can get the whole sheet black. Don't try to walk pass their kitchen too, it is not "appetizing". Oops.. But I never experienced diarrhea so consider it is "safe" to eat?

Song Hin pork porridge, you can add on with pork intestine, liver, century egg or raw egg. If you want to have something 'light' taste for supper, Song Hin pork porridge is a good choice.

November 19, 2013

John's Pie

Location: Ground Floor, Lot 11411, Jalan Song Commercial Centre, Tabuan Height, Kuching, Sarawak (Next to Top 10 Food Court)

John's pie has two outlets, and they just started a new outlet in Sibu too. Click here to visit their Facebook page.

I used to be pie lover. When hungry and hectic, I would like to get a quick fix. I am a big fan of Jesters pie from Australia. Can't forget its juicy and tasty pies until to-date. The pastry is extremely crispy. However, when I came back to horn bill land (Sarawak), there was hardly find a place produced nice pie. Aloha bakery has nice pies but 'petty' in size and pricey. Now we have other option, John's Pie.

They have variety of pies and coffee is also available in their small cafe. Space is limited but cosy. If you are hungry and couldn't find any place for lunch after 2pm, keep John's pie in your list. Compared to Phoenix Complex in town, I personally prefer the location at Song Commercial Centre because it is easier to find a parking lot.

Beef and Cheese Pie RM5

Chicken Mushroom Quiche RM5

November 15, 2013

Cancer Outreach Campaign

Cancer is a word that can weaken a person's faith and fear for death. The fear itself is a horrible feeling. Many years ago I had one uncle who was my father's best friend, suffered cancer. He underwent chemotherapy at General Hospital in Kuching. I visited him two times. I feel resentful that I didn't visit him more frequent. My uncle had diabetes, his leg was removed and he suffered poor eye sights. He was indeed a bad example because he continued to drink beer despite his diabetes condition got worsened. After diabetes, the cancer happened. I felt heart burdened to see my aunt nursing him at the hospital. They were not rich. If they are, they would afford to buy milk powder for his necessary nutrition. A small can of this milk powder costs more than RM60 that time. His body was weak after chemotherapy. The mouth soreness and ulceration caused him barely can swallow solid food. The milk powder is the only solution for cancer patients to gain nutrition and energy. Otherwise, their body will not be bearable for the following treatments. The cost for chemotherapy is not a small amount to the low income group.

We should have compassion for cancer patients. Alleviate their pain by supporting them either financially or emotionally. I received an invitation from Lion & Lion, the digital agency to write a post about cancer awareness. AXA AFFIN is now working in collaboration with National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM) to support cancer patients currently undergoing chemotherapy. They will be funding chemotherapy daycare usage for one cancer patient for every blogger that links back to their 110CancerCare website in their efforts to care for cancer patients. Thus my post will help a cancer patient one-day funding for their daycare usage at NCSM Treatment Centre.

We can't predict how, where and when the formation of cancer cell. But we can prevent it. Live a healthy lifestyle, eat healthy and exercise regularly. The most important thing is to have a medical card in hand. When the unfortunate event strike, no one will not want to burden his / her family for funding to pay their medical bills. Visit AXA's 110 Cancer Care website, spread it to your loved ones. Prevention is better than cure!

Kuching Chicken Porridge 古晋鸡粥

Location: Jalan Nanas, Kuching

This place has been existing for long time. It's a family business, only open at 7pm from Monday to Saturday. For those who are interested to try this porridge, please go as early as you can because it normally sold out before 8.30pm. And those who want to try their steamed chicken, you have to be there before 7.30pm. No joke.. they have limited supply daily. Other dishes like mushroom chicken leg and ginger chicken will be available all time.

You might wonder, what's good about this chicken porridge. Well, the texture is smoother. It's actually a congee not porridge. Sprinkle the chicken meat strips, preserved vegetable and spring onion bits on top of congee, it is ready to serve. I prefer to mix the congee with the soy sauce from mushroom chicken leg, the combination will make the taste even better.

A bowl of this without egg is RM2.40; with raw egg is RM2.80. Price will increase due to inflation.

Mushroom Chicken Leg (RM3.00)

While waiting for the food to be served, if you met an auntie carrying a basket and selling kuih muih there, I would recommend you to buy the chickpeas (kacang kuda) from her. That's my favourite. Full of protein.. most importantly, she boiled it perfectly well-done. A pack of chickpeas RM2.00. Well, chickpea is expensive and it needs long boiling time. RM2 is worth it.

Posted updated on 08/03/2014:

Last week we managed to go back to Kuching Chicken Porridge for dinner around 7:30pm. We were quite early so we got this steamed chicken at last. The supply runs out very fast, every customer would not want to miss this dish. Though it looks 'ordinary' but it is the best match with their porridge.

November 7, 2013

Little Sky Cafe

Location: Precinct 88, Jalan Song, Kuching (Next to Essensuals Hairdressing, opposite Ching Kwong Methodist Church)

Under the hot sun, we just want to have something cold to cool down our body heat. I like ABC (Air Batu Campur). Other than Song Kheng Hai and Hui Sing Hawker Centre (which is not available until late noon), I opt this one because it's always available the whole noon. And partly because it's nearer to my place too.

Here you can have ABC, coconut juice, rojak, laksa, kampua, kolo mee, etc. It's a good choice if you are hungry.


The ingredients of ABC


Chong Choon Cafe 泉春茶室

Location: Lot 121, Abell Road, 93100 Kuching

This is well-known Laksa place among Kuchingnites. Many tourists have included this place in their itinerary too. Though there are many other Sarawak Laksa available in town and even better taste. But the location of Chong Choon Cafe is more convenient to tourists.

Poh Lam Laksa (RM6.00)

The size of the shrimp is as big as the spoon

Fried Carrot Cake (RM2.50)

They have toast and sandwich too.

I recommend this Egg in Toast (RM2.40). Best toast ever!

In Kuching, you must try our 3 layer Teh C peng. I'm not a fan of gula apong (Palm Sugar), the aroma is not my liking. Many people like the combination of tea, evaporated milk and gula apong. At Chong Choon Cafe, you can order different sizes of drink. The jumbo size of mug will amaze you for sure.

This is the medium size 3 layer teh c peng.

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