November 30, 2013

Five Loaves Two Fish 五鱼二饼, Kuching

Location: Precinct 88, Jalan Song, Kuching (Next to Young Su Korean Ice Cream, opposite Ching Kwong Methodist Church)

The other day went to late lunch at Little Sky Cafe, passed by and found out this cafe was full. Thought it must be quite good. Then made another visit there again for lunch. If you know where Little Sky Cafe is, then this cafe is located behind Young Su Ice Cream which is next to Little Sky Cafe.

The owner should be Christian. There's no signboard in English but Chinese: 五鱼二饼, which is the story of Jesus feeds the five thousand in bible. The cafe is quite small in size, there are only two fans available. And, I assume they are Foochow because of the Foochow dishes in the menu. The cafe is very hygienic, I definitely would visit again.

As the menu is only in Chinese. But pictures are available and also attached on the wall for reference.

I had 三杯鸡,direct translate Three Cup Chicken (RM5)

My bro's 红糟三层肉, Hong Zao Pork (RM5)

光饼 Gong Pia

卤鸡爪 Chicken Feet Stew

Rice portion is quite small. It looks yummy with the preserved vege and boiled egg. Too bad, the dishes were not steamy hot when served. Gong pia was baked instead of deep fry, not oily and safe to eat. The chicken feet is nicely stewed too.

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