November 19, 2013

John's Pie

Location: Ground Floor, Lot 11411, Jalan Song Commercial Centre, Tabuan Height, Kuching, Sarawak (Next to Top 10 Food Court)

John's pie has two outlets, and they just started a new outlet in Sibu too. Click here to visit their Facebook page.

I used to be pie lover. When hungry and hectic, I would like to get a quick fix. I am a big fan of Jesters pie from Australia. Can't forget its juicy and tasty pies until to-date. The pastry is extremely crispy. However, when I came back to horn bill land (Sarawak), there was hardly find a place produced nice pie. Aloha bakery has nice pies but 'petty' in size and pricey. Now we have other option, John's Pie.

They have variety of pies and coffee is also available in their small cafe. Space is limited but cosy. If you are hungry and couldn't find any place for lunch after 2pm, keep John's pie in your list. Compared to Phoenix Complex in town, I personally prefer the location at Song Commercial Centre because it is easier to find a parking lot.

Beef and Cheese Pie RM5

Chicken Mushroom Quiche RM5

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