November 25, 2013

Song Hin Pork Porridge 松兴肉粥

Location: Open Air Market, Jalan Khoo Hun Yeang, Kuching, Sarawak

Open Air Market divided into two parts. The one facing Pandang Merdeka is the place for the famous siobee and beef noodle. I'll introduce them next time. The back part facing the Waterfront is mostly cater for dinner, Chinese dishes. There are two stalls selling pork porridge here. This stall was introduced by Axian before, click here:

An old picture I derived online:

This place just underwent renovation last year. Looks much more 'cleaner' and bright. But the hygiene still has some room for improvement. The tables have been used for long time and "laminated" with a layer of stain. If wipe harder with wet tissue, you can get the whole sheet black. Don't try to walk pass their kitchen too, it is not "appetizing". Oops.. But I never experienced diarrhea so consider it is "safe" to eat?

Song Hin pork porridge, you can add on with pork intestine, liver, century egg or raw egg. If you want to have something 'light' taste for supper, Song Hin pork porridge is a good choice.

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