December 17, 2013

Cherry Blossom Episode 2: Osaka Day 1 (USJ)

We were about to land. Views of Osaka city.

Osaka Castle

We arrived Osaka Itami Airport around 7:35am on 05th April 2013. Followed signs and walked to the monorail station. We had to take monorail to Hotagugaike station then transit to Umeda station using subway. Osaka Airport Station to Hotagugaike Station: Fare 200 yen for one person. Hotagugaike Station to Umeda Station: Fare 220 yen for one person.

Osaka Monorail Map

First thing is to check-in our hotel first. We stayed at Toyoko Inn Osaka Taniyon Kousaten. 2 mins walk from Subway Tanimachi 4-Chome Station. It's located just in front of the exit no. 8. Total 19,440 yen for 3 nights, approximately RM777.60. Clean, comfy bed, hair dryer and toiletries are also provided. Rate was included breakfast too. I highly recommend Toyoko Inn, the hotel chain in Japan. The check-in time is 4:00pm. We registered and left our luggage with them.

Our room at Toyoko Inn Osaka Taniyon Kousaten. Though small but super comfortable.

We got our 2 Days Osaka Unlimited Pass at JR Osaka Station. The benefits of getting this pass can be found here: We used portion of the coupons only. Quite a waste as we couldn't travel too many places in 2 days.

This is how our 2day pass look like

The content of OSAKA Unlimited Pass 2DAYS package

Our first stop in Osaka is USJ Osaka, Universal Studio. But hungry because we hadn't have our first meal, decided to take our meal at Bentencho Subway Station before taking JR train to Universal-City. There is not much choice available at Bentencho Station.. so we had McDonald's instead. Mom was quite reluctant to take fast food but we were too hungry.

McDonald's meal for two 780 yen.

Train platform, waiting for train to Universal-City

Here we are.. Universal City

Monkey Performance

Universal Studio Ossaka.. Ticket is expensive. Since we have been to USJ in Singapore, so we skipped it. Just took photos with USJ's signature globe.

Mum and I were so attracted to the flowers.

Mom spotted a sakura tree outside USJ. This is the first sakura tree we have seen in life. Sounds so dramatic..

Closer look of the flower petals. Unforgettable.. It's magnificently beautiful.

Saying good bye to USJ

Heading back to the JR train station

I was puzzled for a while using this ticketing machine.. It looks so complicated. I can't remember how I did it too.

These copper coins I got from one of the stores at USJ City. Hello Kitty print, cute right?

Next coming up: Osaka Castle

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