December 20, 2013

Cherry Blossom Episode 2: Osaka Day 1 (Osaka Castle)

We were tired and exhausted. But we still had plenty time waiting to check-in our hotel (room will be only ready by 4pm) so we decided heading to Osaka Castle which is very near to our hotel (10 minutes by walking distance). Based on the travel guide, Osaka Castle is one of the best cherry blossom viewing parks in Osaka.

On the way to Osaka Castle, we passed by NHK Osaka Broadcasting Center.

The cherry blossom park was just in front of us. We started to feel the excitement and joy seeing the full bloom of cherry. Here are the photos for your viewing pleasure.

One of the shorter cherry trees.

Closer look of cherry flowers

How beautiful it is? Walk along the cherry trees and occasionally you will experience the petals rain when the wind blows.

The branches and trunk are noticeably black colour.

Hanami crowds at Osaka Castle park. Normally the picnickers will bring beers too.

The scenery of cherry blossom along the moat

According to the travel guide, there are about 600 cherry trees in Osaka Castle park. You can spot the flowers come in different colours: light pink, dark pink and white. And the number of petals also different. There are varieties of cherry tree:

The main tower of Osaka Castle

The vendor outside the main tower selling takoyaki

Sakura Ice Cream

From the bridge, enjoyed the cherry blossom view along the moat before heading back to our hotel

Next coming up: Namba & Dotonbori

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