December 29, 2013

Cherry Blossom Episode 2: Osaka Day 2 (Aquarium Kaiyukan & Tempozan Giant Ferris Wheel)

Second day in Osaka, the weather was not good as we wanted it to be. It was a raining and windy day. Freezingly cold! Despite the cold wind, we forced ourselves to go out to visit places as planned. Mum likes to visit aquarium and zoo. So I included it in our itinerary. After breakfast, we took Chua Line to Osakako Station. It took at least 5 minutes walk to get to Aquarium Kaiyukan and Tempozan.

We thought there wouldn't be so crowded since it is raining day. But! wrong... There was a long queue and the Japanese families were even willing to queue in the rain.

The building of Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan.

Entrance fee 2,300 Yen per adult.

Tempozan Giant Ferries Wheel is located in front of Aquarium Kaiyukan. 

1pm, Lunch time. Except the food court at Tempozan, we couldn't find any other place for lunch. We bought our lunch from Don Don Tei stall. Total 730 Yen, 330 + 350.

After lunch, we used our coupon to redeem ferries wheel ride. Though raining, we didn't want to give up.

The cabin is transparent. We couldn't really enjoy the distant view clearly because of the rain but Kaiyukan building and the bay area.

After Tempozan ferris wheel ride, we went to Umeda Station and took another ferris wheel ride at Hep Five. Due to the poor view, we didn't take any photo.

We bought PABLO baked cheese tart for dinner. I have introduced PABLO in this blog before. 780 Yen per piece. Yum yum!

Next coming up: Tsutenkaku Tower & Tennoji Zoo

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