December 7, 2013

IK HO 乙號

Location: Off Jalan Ang Cheng Ho, the end of Ang Cheng Ho Road to Hock Lee, the block behind Goodrich showroom

Ik Ho is a bakery shop which has been existing in Kuching Town for a long time. But not many knows it because its location is not noticeable from the main road. I was introduced by someone years ago for its famous curry puff. Since then I visit frequent for different pastries. I like their sandwich with cucumber, ham and egg, makes it look unbeatable delicious for tea break.

The other item to introduce is its curry puff. RM1.20 per piece. It used to be RM1.10.

Chinese new year is coming soon. They will have cookies and cakes for sale. Those who are interested can order from them too.

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