January 13, 2014

Childhood Memory, The Snacks

Weeks ago, I passed by this kedai runcit (grocery store) at Kenyalang in Kuching. Saw these snack packs that made me recall of my childhood memories. When I was a kid, I begged mum to buy me this snack pack but usually I would get 'no' as an answer. A pack of these were expensive, which deemed as 'luxury' snacks for kids in our time. It had a misery gift (different toys each pack), usually comes along with a pack of chocolate coated balls. I missed it. Therefore I bought all of them home.

Opened up. I had a huge disappointment. No more chocolate coated balls?! It was replaced with candies. That's so cheap, how much a candy can cost? A RM3 pack contains only 4 nos. of jelly and a rubber bracelet. What a rip-off! So sad to see how the inflation affects every area in our life.

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