January 22, 2014

F4 Fish Head at USJ Subang Jaya 陈秀莲蒸鱼头

Address: Lot 776, Sub Lot 3, Jalan Subang 4, Subang Jaya Industrial Park, 4700 Subang Jaya, Selangor.

I googled place for dinner at Subang Jaya and found this place has been greatly recommended by bloggers in KL. So my friend and I decided to give it a try. With the use of GPS, we reached the place without much difficulties except the slight traffic jam after office hours in that area.

We were quite early that day. The friendly waitress came to take order for us. We asked for her recommendation. As we were not keen on curry, we went for ginger fish head instead. And one vegetable dish, sweet potato leaves. As we were thinking to order one more dish, the waitress stopped us because the fish head is big in size. Oh, so considerate. She really saved us from wastage. After the meal, we both were so bloated and near to vomit stage.

I am a ginger lover. This fish head is full of thick ginger paste so it is quite spicy in taste. But the spiciness is just nice.

The bill total up RM60, including one coconut and liang teh. Quite reasonable because the fish is fresh and HUGE.

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