February 6, 2014

Cherry Blossom Episode 3: Kyoto (Kyoto Station & Kyoto Ramen Koji)

Happy Chinese New Year 2014! I just got back from hometown yesterday, didn't bring laptop and also didn't have mood to update my blog too. Here I am again, wish to finish my Japan trip post before its "anniversary" in April.

Ok. Here is the last post of Kyoto. After Terimachi Shopping Arcade, we took bus to Kyoto Station for dinner at Kyoto Ramen Koji (京都拉面小路). I thought it's a restaurant specialized for ramen. But I was quite wrong, it actually has eight ramen restaurants and each of them specializes in a different regional style of ramen. I wasn't too sure its location but accidentally found it when we were taking series of escalator to the roof top for night view of Kyoto.

Nice lighting staircase, a Kyoto lady in kimono costume. I would recommend you to take the escalator to reach the rooftop for the night view of Kyoto too.

The entrance to Kyoto Ramen Koji from the staircase. We entered and exited from here too because it was a long wait for the lift. 

Quite difficult to capture clear picture in dark. This is the view from the top.

I didn't really want to take photo inside the building. The picture is blurry, but this is the one we chose to have dinner at. It was long queue at every restaurant here during dinner hours. We chose the one 'not-so-long' queue. The ticket machine was located outside, we bought the tickets and waited to be seated. The restaurant is quite small capacity so the table turnover is slow.  

My mum's order. 700 yen. Normally she chose the cheapest from the menu.

My order. 830 yen.

The night view of Kyoto Tower from Kyoto Station. Nice right?

After dinner and window-shopping at Kyoto Station, we collected our luggage from locker and searched for Kintetsu bus stop location at Hachijo-Dori (Kyoto Station's south entrance). Here's the map of Kyoto Station layout: http://www.kyoto-station-building.co.jp/map_en/kyoto_station_building_kyoto_station.pdf

We didn't want to miss the bus, so we waited there for very long time although our departure time was 23:18. It was very few people waiting together with us, at one time I had the doubt if I got the location wrong. I reconfirmed the location again until I found the signboard outside the station with the name of "Kintetsu" on it. When the surrounding shops were closed, the crowds started to build up too. They were here for the coaches.    

I can't remember which website I used to book my Kintetsu bus ticket. The information online was very scarce for the route Kyoto - Kawaguchiko. And I faced difficult to buy the tickets when entering the contact details, it rejected because of my phone number. Apparently it's only open for Japanese. Fed up and revised a method to purchase the ticket at last. I used my hotel phone number to book it and it succeeded. I don't think they will call for verify, as long as I got the tickets booked. Felt a huge relief after received their confirmation email. If we didn't get on this bus, the rest of our trip would be gone haywire. The ticket wasn't cheap too. One pax 8,000 yen, it's about RM261.86. Our departure time was 23:18, arrived Kawaguchiko Station around 08:30 in the morning. The timing was just nice and we didn't have to spend for accommodation in Kyoto. 

Coming up next would be my Kawaguchiko episode.

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