February 10, 2014

Cherry Blossom Episode 4: Kawaguchiko 河口湖 (K's House Mt. Fuji)

This is the website I booked overnight express from Kyoto to Kawaguchiko ticket: http://bit.ly/1dBCAV2 and this is Kintetsu bus we took:

It was quite torturing to sleep on the bus. And I would have nausea normally which keep me awake all the time.

We were almost there by seeing Mount Fuji in front.

Finally we arrived at Kawaguchiko Station.

Cherry tree at Kawaguchiko Station

Unique shaped cloud

Mount Fuji is just behind the station

We booked K's House and they provide free pick-up service. I emailed them my arrival time earlier but when arrived we waited for quite sometime at the station. I made phone call to make pick-up request again. At last we got in their van and reached our hostel.

This is their tatami lounge, shared space. Aside this communal lounge, they also have kitchen and free internet access.

We booked a Japanese private ensuite room, 4,900 yen per person, approximately RM392 for two. I just wanted to have a relaxing night in Mount Fuji and feel the tatami.

I forgot to take picture before the mess. Please excuse us. This room equipped with heater, TV and private bathroom. 

We made our bed.

The tatami floor

Though the bathroom is small but hygienic

The cupboard stored the mattresses, pillows and bedsheets.

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