February 26, 2014

Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant, Empire Shopping Gallery

Early this month, I had a short trip to KL. When about the dinner time, it is always a headache where to have dinner. I didn't want to have heavy meal and my friend didn't want to go too far. So we randomly picked a good rating Japanese restaurant from Google search results, Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant at Empire Shopping Gallery.

We didn't make any reservation but we were ok to sit at the bar. Didn't want to waste more time since we both were starving. I can't recall the price of the dishes because it's not my bill. The atmosphere is very similar to Sushi Zanmai at Fahrenheit 88. But comparing to Sushi Zanmai, the freshness of sashimi at Rakuzen is much better. It's weird that different branches deliver different quality of food. I tried two branches of Sushi Zanmai, first time at Fahrenheit 88 and second time at One Utama. I told my friend how good Sushi Zanmai is after I tried it at Fahrenheit 88 but it was disappointing when we had it at One Utama.

These are what we had at Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant, the branch at Empire Shopping Gallery. Photo quality is not so great since it's taken using iphone 4.

We both enjoyed the meal very much. If not mistaken, it costs about RM90+. It's okay to pamper ourselves once in a while.

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