March 7, 2014

Cherry Blossom Episode 5: Tokyo Day 2 (Disneyland)

This is how we settled our breakfast in Japan. Cup noodle! And I love this Nissin cup noodle, seafood flavour. The ingredients include prawn, meat and vegetable bits.

After breakfast, our second day itinerary was Disneyland. Have to take JR Keiyo Line to Maihama Station. Though I heard comments from my friend that it's not as good as Disneyland in Hong Kong because it is all in Japanese dialect and the queue was terribly long. Even so, we still decided to feel the atmosphere of Disneyland Tokyo and join to watch the parade.

We bought our Disneyland entrance ticket at Disney Store, inside Hep Five mall in Osaka. Saved our time as we didn't have to queue at ticketing counter. Ticket price 6,200 yen per adult.

Walking towards the wonderland. 

You can see the locals like to visit Disneyland too... even though it was not even weekend yet.

Long queue...

For taking photo with Mickey Mouse

And also Minnie Mouse

Disney stores

The statue of Walk Disney and Mickey Mouse


The vending machine is also custom-made for Disneyland.

There are many cute hats available. Cartoon hat with big head and small body.

Our lunch... turkey chicken drumstick, 500 yen each.

Hi duckie!

This is the only ride we were willing to queue up in Disneyland, just because it was the shortest queue: It's a Small World.

Finished the boat ride

Everyone was waiting for this moment! The parade has just began, everyone was so excited! 

Finally here comes Mickey and Minnie!

Disneyland Tokyo celebrated its 30 year old anniversary last year.

There are assorted Disney fans you can witness in Disneyland Tokyo. Some in granny age will dress up like a teenager with Mickey Mouse all over. Some teenagers will be like this, a bag full of their favourite character toys. Apparently she's Pluto's fan.

And she's Goofy toys collector

We didn't wait for the fireworks. Left before 6pm. We settled our dinner at Ginza. Both of us were super hungry and couldn't decide what to have. When we were about to leave, spotted Yoshinoya. A hot bowl of gyudon really made our day. And it's not expensive too! It was only 760 yen for two bowls of gyudon.

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