March 22, 2014

Cherry Blossom Episode 5: Tokyo Day 3 (Tsukiji Market, Odaiba)

We woke up pretty early with an aim to visit Tsukiji Market 築地市場. Tsukiji Market is well-known because of its wholesale fish market and they have tuna auction at 4am with free admission for visitors too (but visitors have to follow certain rules and meet its conditions). We didn't have the interest to join the tuna auction but our main purpose is its sashimi. Tsukiji Market can be reached by two subway lines: Hibiya (Tsukiji Station) and Oedo (Tsukijishijo Station).

This is the turret truck used in Tsukiji Market for transporting goods.

A cute car outside the petrol station

Assorted vegetables which some I never seen before

This stall is selling beef noodle soup, was introduced in Japan travel book before.

Fresh oyster at 400 yen each.

Have it in raw, syiok!

We couldn't locate the shops which selling sashimi and sushi. We were starved and feeling cold. Decided to go back 中華井上 to have something hot and steaming on this cold weather. Queued for a while. Saw the uncle putting in the ingredients, he put more meats on one bowl. And I happened to have the bowl with more meats! Happy happy.. May be he knew I'm sharing it with mum so he added more for me? Or it was purely my luck? Anyway, it is indeed made my day.

A bowl full of meat and onion. Thumb up!

After a few stroll, I finally found the area for sashimi and sushi. Decided to come back for breakfast the next day.

Next destination is Odaiba, the man made island. Take Oedo Line to Shimbashi Station and use the private railway (New Transit Yurikamome) to reach Odaiba.

Fuji TV Building

The Decks Shopping Mall

Water bus "Himiko Boat" that looks like a space ship. Direct line between Asakusa and Odaiba.

Replica Statue of Liberty with the Rainbow Bridge behind it.

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