March 22, 2014

Cherry Blossom Episode 5: Tokyo Day 3 (Imperial Palace / Nijubashi, Meiji Jingu, Harajuku)

After Odaiba, we went to Imperial Palace for Nijubashi Bridge. Take subway Chiyoda Line and stop at Nijubashimae Station. It is still some distance walk from station. Though the distance is not too long, but we were exhausted of walking. Weakly dragging ourselves to get there. It's only a bridge though. And we are not allowed to enter too. Quite disappointing.. 

Walked at the park outside Imperial Palace

Stopped at Wadakura Fountain Park and saw the photographers photo shooting a lady in Kimono.

Some tourists also took photo of that lady. The photographers welcomed us to join in.

Walking back to the subway station, along the way all the cherry trees.

Stopped by Statue of Kusunoki Masashige. Saw a group of tourists holding their flag.

Hungry hungry.. we reached Meiji-jingumae Station and bought this at Danish Bar. Its taste so nice! Regret for not getting it more.

Entering Meiji Jingu. Symbolic of Meiji Jingu with barrels of sake and wine on both side.

The torii at the entrance to Meiji Jingu

The entrance of Meiji Jingu

Exit from Meiji Jingu, the railway at Harajuku Station

JR Harajuku Station

Crowded street at Omotesando

Before going back to hotel, we stopped at Ueno Station for dinner. Been wanting to try Ichiran Ramen for sometime because it has been widely recommended.

It's using machine to take order. Choose menu,  press button and insert your note or coins. Later they will give you form to fill, what would you like for ramen such as more or less onion, thicker soup or clear, etc. They will customise it for you. 

This is my ramen.

My mum's. Hers one taste better though.

I found the soup is salty for me and the noodle is not up to my expectation. Anyway, not regret to try it then next time can exclude it from my list.

Before going back to hotel, we bought our supper from the bakery shop at Ueno Station too. 

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