March 23, 2014

Cherry Blossom Episode 5: Tokyo Day 4 (大江户 at Tsukiji Market)

The next day we went back to Tsukiji Market for breakfast. We had been spending discreet in order to have some decent meals in Japan. Sushi and sashimi were in our food list. Based on reviews online, some particular shops are highly recommended by tourists. It's not difficult to identify because of the long queue. The compound of each shop is very restricted, can cater only 10+ customers. Therefore the table turnover is slow. The walkway between shops also narrow, but they organized it well by separating the queue into two.

大江户 is the one we chose to try because the queue were the shortest. The old lady is the one who sorting the queue in order and makes sure it is not obstructing the walkway.

The menus are displayed outside the shop and price is stated too. You can view which one you would like to have and join in the queue.

Queuing under the sun

寿司大 is very popular among tourists. And of course, the queue was longer.

The interior of the shop. That is the capacity of the shop. Small indeed!

My mum's choice

My choice. Though the portion looks small but I couldn't really finish all.

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