March 28, 2014

Colugos Bistro & Grill (CLOSED)

Address: Tun Jugah Mall, Jalan TAR, Kuching
Business ceased as updated on 13/01/2018

Sometime ago, we browsed through their menu which displayed outside the restaurant. Found their price is reasonable and lower than our expectation. Decided to give it a try one day. Then that one day had arrived when we ran out of idea of where to have for lunch.

I approached the waiter if they impose service charge and government tax. He answered no. You may call me cheapskate but I deem a new restaurant shouldn't charge service charge when their business is still in growing stage. Once my friend and I went to a restaurant at Cityone, it was "empty" which means there was no customer other than us. Their food is nice but when I received the bill, I would think twice to come back again. They charged 10% service charge which I found it unacceptable. I was thinking for what they think they deserve 10% service charge? They only came to take order and serve the food. And there was always "empty" whenever I passed by (I went there before this with another friend and left). For a new business to sustain, getting more repeating customers are more important.

Back to the topic, we went in Colugos.

They have two sets of menu, one western and one Indonesian cuisine named Banyuwangi. They provide variety of food: burger, soup, desserts e.g. toast with ice cream, lamb chop, beef, chicken, pasta, etc. Everything looks enticing.

We both had Colugos Grill Chicken RM13.90. The presentation looks quite plain, I would prefer it to have something green as decoration. Chips and coleslaw were nice. The chicken meat was not marinated so its taste was quite plain. But the grill is very nicely done. 

I would visit again for other menu next time. Though the setting of the restaurant is more like a bar, their pricing is absolutely reasonable.

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