March 11, 2014

Faith stays still

It's the 4th day of searching for MH370. Every morning, I woke up in hoping for good news. But still the searching report news. The past two days I kept imagining the scenarios of plane interior, what are the passengers' reactions when the plane flew into the sea. It's frightening and I hope there are survivors. If there's any, will they try to use cellphone to make call? Is there any method or device they can use to make rescue signal? It has been 3 days, is the air sufficient? Why the plane is not floating in this situation? Endless questions lingering in my mind, at times shed tears.

Though it's nothing I can contribute, except praying and keeping faith. It's the first time I feel the manifestation of 1 Malaysia spirit. All of us are united together in praying for MH370, despite our differences in culture, religion, race and political views. We too are in anxiety like the family members, we share the same hope together. Our prayers are with you all the time. Stay in faith and be strong.

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