March 8, 2014

Medan Niaga Satok aka Sunday Market, Kuching

Sunday market is used to be our favourite place to shop during weekend in college years. It was located at Satok initially, last year they relocated to Kubah Ria, over Satok bridge. We like the open concept of Sunday Market at Satok. Despite the hot sun, we enjoy walking through stalls and shop. Every vendor has the tent, selling different stuff. Normally what attracted me to Sunday Market is Apam Balik, flower pots, puppies and veges with cheaper price.

There are different categories: kuih-muih, vegetables, fruits, chicken, salted eggs and fish, fresh eggs, fish, beef, gardening, pets, hardware, apparels and accessories, magazines and newspapers, coconut and drinks, etc. You won't find it boring, the local food will entice you to buy. Beginning of year 2013, every vendor was forced to move to new weekend market at Kubah Ria. Concrete and mortar buildings are ready for the vendors and easier for the patronages to mobilize at ease. But I still prefer the old Sunday market.. the atmosphere can't be duplicated.

My mum came to town the other day, she loves orchid plants. So I brought her there because that's the source we can get orchid plants from in Kuching. Apparently it's not as merit like last time. Below is the photos of our weekend market at Kubah Ria.

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