April 5, 2014

Kong Tung Cafe 广东茶室

Kong Tung Cafe has been in Kuching since 1991. It is famous because of its boneless fried chicken wing and it is stuffed with some ingredients. I love to eat fried chicken wing, I bet you can't resist it too.

The menu is on the wall.

广东炒饭:Fried chicken wing, shrimps stick, meat cubes, fried egg and fried rice at RM8 

Close up of chicken wing

If not mistaken, I patronised Kong Tung Cafe less than 5 times. Vividly remember the long waiting time for the food to be served. It was not because there is any full house of customer that caused the long wait. I guess it was because the food preparation, perhaps it is a tedious work to de-bone? Or I doubt they are lack of efficiency? It took 20 minutes today though the seating was not full occupied. Be prepared if you decide to try it out. Don't go when you are starving because you will regret later. Anyway, you can always play with your smart phone while waiting.

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