April 8, 2014

Laksa at Min Joo Kee 民裕居

Address: Jalan Ang Cheng Ho, Kuching

Forgive me for not taking the front shop photo, I will definitely upload it the next time as there are other food I want to try on my next visit (though I had it before). But it is the first time I had the laksa here. My friend missed this lady's laksa, saying she used to be her regular customer. Luckily it was still available around 10:40am. It is usually sold out before 10am.

Sarawak Laksa RM5.00

The laksa soup is quite "lumpy" because it is prepared in early morning. Over the time, the soup gets thicker because of the coconut milk. Some people prefer thicker soup, I still prefer if the soup is freshly cooked.

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