April 19, 2014

Sing Garden 星园

Location: Jalan Sherip Masahor, Taman Hui Sing, 93350 Kuching (next to Perodua Showroom, you can either enter from main road at the front or from the road behind Petronas Station at the back)

Sing Garden is one of my favourite coffee shops in Kuching. I only have a few in my list, depends on the food variety they offer. Some coffee shops have no popularity of food. The popular coffee shops normally have more than one stall which offer their specialty of food. And the patrons are mostly repeated customers. Sing Garden is my frequent place for breakfast and lunch because of the food variety and its convenient location.

Let me recall. There have Foochow kampua, fish head noodles, claypot porridge or noodles, chicken rice, lei cha, pan mee, sandwich, fried noodles, cha kueh, Sarawak Laksa, Kolo Mee, ding bian hu (鼎边糊, made of rice powder, Foochow's specialty food) and chicken rice. I have 4 favourite food in my list: ding bian hu 鼎边糊, fish head bee hoon 鱼头米粉, lei cha 擂茶 and 盐焗鸡 (direct translation: salt baked chicken). At times I like to have green for detoxing purpose, I would go for lei cha. Early morning I would go for ding bian hu or fish head bee hoon. The best choice for lunch is salt baked chicken.

Fish Head Bee Hoon Soup stall, can ask tauke if there's any raw fish meat. Otherwise, the fish meat is normally fried which I find it quite dry. The soup is nice but could be spicy (if you can't take spicy soup, ask him to reduce spiciness). Soup is a bit sour and milky, my favourite.  

Fish Head Bee Hoon  鱼头米粉 (RM7.00)

Ding Bian Hu 鼎边糊 Stall. They also have Zao Cai Bee Hoon 糟菜米粉, another Foochow specialty - sour soup base.

Ding Bian Hu 鼎边糊 without egg (RM4.00)

Lei Cha 擂茶

This one I will rate it 5 star. Why? Cheap and very nice taste. Chicken meat is tenderly soft, though it is salt baked but it's not over salty. I have to compliment this tauke for his sincerity in serving best food to customers. One drumstick chicken like this, costs only RM5 and it comes with rice. Not forget to note, the rice they used is better grade! Definitely rare find in Kuching. The other time I had chicken rice, cost me RM5 and what I got is only breast meat and the rice is the cheapest grade. Therefore I would highly recommend this chicken rice to you. The couple is friendly, the taukenio will say thank you (sadly nowadays most of them don't practice this anymore).

Too much meat? You can order vege from this stall too. This boiled baby kailan is nice too. If not mistaken, it costs RM2 or RM3?

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