May 29, 2014

Big Oven Restaurant

Location: Lot 3249, Block 10, Lorong Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce 12, 93150 Kuching
Opening hours: Tuesday - Sunday, from 4pm - 11pm. Closed on Monday.
Tel: +6082-420733

The first time I visited Big Oven was 3 years ago (I think so?). They had promotion on Groupon. We purchased the voucher for pizza. It was good. Despite we used Groupon voucher to redeem it, the quality of the pizza was not 'altered' for cheap ingredients. This is the third time, I came to Big Oven, one of the fine dining restaurants in Kuching.

The menu: (Pictures are quite blurry and inferior because I used handphone, shall carry my digital camera along next time for better photo quality).

Open kitchen, customers can see them working at the kitchen crystal clear. Their kitchen is hygienic and equipped with air-conditioner.

Our Hawaiian Pizza. Thin Crust and crisply crunchy. We love it...

This is pork chop with bacon. I seldom order pork chop in restaurant because of its texture is very dry and hard. But I got surprised with their pork chop! It's juicier compared to others. Meat hardness is acceptable to me. I like the bacon a lot! Its taste is something like our "bak kwa" Chinese dried meat, but I never like Chinese dried meat. This bacon is sweet and crispy. It has no difficulty to chew. Another credit to note is the mashed potato. Other than french fries, who can resist mashed potato? It's a lot healthier compared to fried fries.

If you would like to make reservation, call them at +6082-420733. Here's their website: You can also view their menu from there.

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