May 6, 2014

Chili's at Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang

Chili's! I'm not an absolute fan of Chili's but can't deny that their food quality is in control and taste nice too. Last month been there with a friend after my 5 hours lesson. Friend wanted to have pizza but unfortunately Vivo doesn't serve alcohol. So we wanted to visit another restaurant which seemed like 'not-so-popular' as we observed the low customer flow. It was peak hour for dinner, if the restaurant is not full that means 'something' ya? I might be wrong. But Chili's had long queue and the waiting time was like 45 minutes! After a round of deciding place to eat, we came back to the not-so-popular restaurant again. But since the queue at Chili's was cleared, we settled there.

My throat was unwell. So when my friend craved for pizza, I started to crave for pasta too. I'm a pasta lover, especially carbonara fettuccine. But browsed through the menu, they only have two menus for pasta. Hmm.. At no choice, I chose one of them. CILANTRO PESTO PASTA - the not spicy one. You can view the menu on Chili's website too.

My choice of pasta: CILANTRO PESTO PASTA. I love it! It tastes a lot better than my expectation! Enjoyed it to the last bite.

My friend insisted to order this WINGS OVER BUFFALO and failed to finish it. In the end, I finished the rest.

My friend's TEQUILA-LIME FISH STEAK. Sorry, I don't how it tastes like. Should be good too I guess?

This is the third time I had Chili's. Sinful but no doubt the food is really good!

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