May 2, 2014

Min Feng Hao 民豐號 Congee at Empire Food Court 皇上皇饮食中心

Location: Lot 3638, Ground Floor, Lorong Rock 2, Off Jalan Rock, Taman Timberland, Kuching (3rd Mile)

Ming, the owner invited me to review them in March. Last month, I managed to visit and try their congee with a friend. I am a regular customer of Empire Food Court, I like the fried noodles stall. The fried noodles with wok aroma have better taste. Due to the fast pace of price increment, I cut down the frequency. Then I received review invitation from Ming. Honestly I don't plan to do any food review, but I like to try good food like everyone else. I questioned bro if he noticed any new stall selling congee at Empire (he usually goes there after work). He said yes and his colleague gave a thumb-up. This caused my curiousity to have a try. I visited two times but strangely it was not in business. I could have got the timing wrong or coincidentally it was their off day or something. Anyway, I finally got to try their congee for the first time after my wisdom tooth removal on 19th April. Then I went back again a week after with my bro.

I ordered pork congee and bro had the beef. This should be the beef congee. With deep-fried youtiao aka Chinese cruller or Chinese doughnut on top and sprinkled with spring onion.

To my surprise, their congee is extremely smooth. The texture is like the baby food. Cannot trace any solid particle in bowl of congee. Another credit to add, they also cooked the congee with scallop. You can still taste the shredded bit of scallop in your mouth. I believe everyone will agree that their deep-fried youtiao is the best match of the congee. Very crispy and not oily at all. The portion of minced meat is bigger than my expectation too. A bowl of RM5 is really worth it!

Forgot to mention what do they have in the menu:
雞絲乾貝粥 Shredded Chicken with Scallop Congee
碎肉乾貝粥 Meatballs With Scallop Congee
牛肉乾貝粥 Sliced Beef with Scallop Congee

Visit their Facebook page here:

Note their business hour here:
Mon,Wed-sun 8pm-12mn (close earlier if sold out)
Tuesday: OFF Day

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