June 30, 2014

BKK Food I Missed

This is going to be a short post. I am now craving for the juicy cockles in Bangkok.
Lunch at Chinatown in Bangkok, I normally go for either fish ball noodle or pork leg rice. Both are located on the same street. Meal in Bangkok is not cheap too. Average BHT350 - BHT 500 normally. About RM3.50 to RM5.00. 

Pork leg rice with chrysanthemum tea. The chrysanthemum tea is rather sweet though.

The salted crabs, crab from paddy field. It's called poo naa in Thai, it is used for som tum pbooh salad - mix with green papaya, long bean, fish sauce, chili, etc.

Sibu has it too, salty type. Thai's version is sweet because they add sugar too.

The juicy cockles I missed

This is the dinner I had normally in Bangkok. Steamed cockles and one plate of green vegetables. I can finish all by myself.

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