June 17, 2014

Dayak Ruai, Brighton Square, Kuching (Sorry, business closed)

It is quite sad to see Dayak Ruai disappeared in Kuching due to financial shortage to keep business running. Food quality is good, I must say. I hope to see Dayak Ruai again in the future. 

Location: Lot 7691, SubLot 29, Brighton Square Commercial Center, Kuching
Business Hours: Tuesday - Saturday: 11:00 am - 12:00 am; Sunday: 11:00 am - 9:00 pm;
closed on Monday

Dayak Ruai at Brighton Square is another Dayak cuisine restaurant I brought my friend to after The Dyak. It's a new Dayak restaurant in town. I was tempted to try for quite sometime. Finally the opportunity came.

Their menu is very simple. The owner told us the menu will keep changing as it depends on the materials he can get from market in the morning. We like his idea, can benefits the customers to try something new every time.

They have the set deal: one person RM9.90, two person RM25.90 and 4 person RM49.90. You can choose 1 meat and 2 vege, the set comes with the bamboo soup too. What a bargain right.

Or you might be interested to try their ala-carte menu too. The pricing is the same as The Dyak.

Different from The Dyak, their drinks are more unique with reasonable price. The Dyak's price for drinks is rather too high, though fine dining rating but serve the drinks where you can at any coffee shop. I don't think it's acceptable.

They sell tuak too. Tourists who are interested can get the tuak bottle here. But exporting it out could be problematic, I think. 

Cucumber Limeade Juice and Calamondin (RM4.50 each)

My choice of set deal: Cenchalu (salty shrimp paste), Rebung Masak Tebus Belachan (stir-fried baby bamboo with belacan) and Jani Masak Kunyit (turmeric pork soup).

My friend's choice of set deal: Manok Gulai Nanas (pineapple chicken), Pucuk Maimet and Pucuk Timun Masak Ikan Bilis (cucumber leaves stir-fried with anchovies)

Chicken bamboo soup aka pansoh (manok lulun). It is included in the set deal. Compared to The Dyak, Dayak Ruai's pansoh is less oily.

Petai Kenchala RM12. We enjoyed this one very much.

The emerge of Dayak Ruai brings us more choice of authentic Dayak cuisine. I would recommend Dayak Ruai's set deal because you can enjoy different dishes at a bargain price. Unlike The Dyak, two of us ordered 4 dishes but couldn't finish it all (we have tried our very best though). So the portion of set deal is just right for both of us.

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