June 4, 2014

Rising Ramen, Precinct 88, Kuching (MOVED)

Location: Precinct 88, Jalan Song, behind Watson's Store
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/RisingRamen

UPDATED on 11/11/2016: Moved to new location at CITY ONE MEGAMALL.

Lately, there's a ramen craze happening in Kuching. Ajisen ramen is going to open their first outlet in Kuching at Boulevard shopping mall too. Just recently, my friend invited me to join her to try this Rising Ramen on 31st May. They were selling ramen at RM5 only on that day. She said it was started up by Japanese at their own house and received very good response because they serve the authentic Japanese ramen with thick broth soup. I always found Japanese ramen salty, ever tried the famous 一兰拉面 but can't raise any interest. Perhaps I prefer 中华拉面 with clear soup.

It was a long queue that day despite we went there earlier before lunch time. We were thinking to give up after seeing the queue in front of the shop. But still decided to try our luck. Luckily we managed to get a table. The wait was quite long. The factors of the queue were because of the small capacity of the shop and the food serving was considered slow.

Overall, it is nice. The broth soup is thick, those who like pork will fancy this dish. However, some also commented the pork aroma is rather strong. For me, as long as it's not too salty, I'll be willing to visit again.

They have been introduced by Borneo Post before, click here if you want to have a read. 

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