June 16, 2014

The Dyak, Authentic Dayak Cuisine in Kuching

Location: Ground Floor, Panovel Commercial Complex, Jalan Simpang Tiga, 93300 Kuching
Operation hours: Monday - Saturday: 11:30 am - 8:30 pm, closed on Sunday

Dayak cuisine is very unique that only available in Sarawak. In the past, it was never an easy task to find Dayak cuisine until the establishment of The Dyak in 2011, the first Dayak fine dining restaurant in Kuching. Recently my friend came to visit me from Singapore. As she showed little interest to go for international cuisines, I suggested Dayak cuisine. And we would be able to have a healthier meal that contain fibers too.

I enjoy wild plants very much. Those wild plants you can find it at Pasar Tamu (market selling a range of local products) but lack of knowledge how to cook it. At Dyak, you can savour the authentic Dayak cuisine with a real taste wild plants.

Their Menu:

They serve brown rice only. A bowl of this rice costs RM3 if not mistaken. Quite expensive for me.

Jani Empikau RM25 (Seasonal). This is my friend's favourite dish. Durian is seasonal, so does this dish. If you are durian lover, you should try this too.

Dayak's famous dish: Manok Lulun (RM25), chicken stewed in bamboo with tapioca leaves, commonly known as pansoh. This is my favourite. I like the soup a lot, Dayak's version of chicken tonic soup.

My friend likes cangkuk manis (star gooseberry). So we ordered this too: "Changkuk Manis Labu" RM14. Star gooseberry leaves stir-fried with pumpkin.

Paku Kubok RM10. Giant jungle ferns stir-fried with wild ginger flowers, anchovies and chillies. Highly recommended. Not very spicy actually but fantastic taste.

I have been to The Dyak for 4 times so far. Below is the photos I took on my first visit:

Petai is my favourite. Petai Gulai Kechala (Price has increased from RM10 to RM14).

Jani Guring (Pork stir-fried with soy sauce)

I kinda missed this type of lamp.

Interested to try Tuak? You can get it here at The Dyak too. They even have tuak ice cream..

Though expensive, I must say it's worth to have a try. I'm going to write another post of Dayak restaurant in Kuching soon. Stay tuned!

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