July 17, 2014

Lei Cha at Big Mouth Food Centre 大嘴巴擂茶

Location: Jalan Dogan, Kuching, Sarawak

Lately been busying with new website construction. Didn't have time to update this blog. A lot materials still pending, hope I would have time next week to upload some posts.

This is another post of Hakka leicha. Besides the leicha at Jalan Pisang Barat 海南村客家擂茶, this is another famous one in town. For me, the taste is different. Some prefer 海南村客家擂茶, some prefer 大嘴巴擂茶. It's all up to personal preference. Both soup is nice but 海南村客家擂茶 is thicker and bitter. Bitter the better actually. It's good to have leicha once in a while for detox purpose.

A pack of peanuts is served separately. If you are allergic to peanut, you can skip this. I like small size peanuts, it is crunchier.

The herbs soup. If you prefer bitter taste, you can request them to add more bitterness.

Brown rice. Chew it with herb soup, fantastic taste!

A small bowl of this costs RM4.50. They cooked the leicha fresh, noticed they constantly stir fried the veges. Some leicha sellers prepare the ingredients early which you can see the soup turns more yellowish when served, it actually reduces the appetizing look. This is the leicha I normally would visit because of the driving distance is nearer.

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