August 10, 2014

Klebang Original Coconut Shake, Melaka

Address: Jalan Klebang Besar, 75200 Melaka, Melaka, Malaysia
Business Hours: Monday - Sunday 11:00am - 06:30pm, Friday 02:00pm - 06:30pm 

My weekend getaway in Melaka last month was absolutely relaxing. Never did any homework beforehand, just googled online what are the good food available in Melaka and used the GPS app "wave" to get to the location, it is as easy as breeze. We wanted to try the cendol at Kampung Bukit Rambai but it was closed. Guess it was due to the Ramadan month. So we changed our route to try if coconut shake is available.

At first we thought we missed the Klebang Coconut Shake location because we did not have the full address (I just typed in Jalan Klebang Besar) until we saw the row of cars parked on the road side. Oh, not that hard to locate it after all. There was a stall with people queuing.

Their business hours is from Monday to Sunday at 11am to 6.30pm except Friday, they start business at 2.30pm.

Their menu. I asked for coconut shake special (minum) but he gave me bungkus (take-away), the price is RM0.50 higher. Sigh.. come to think of it, with the extra RM1.50 paid we can have coconut shake biasa already. Anyway, stop complaining.

The coconut shake is using Wall's vanilla ice cream. Use blender to blend the ingredients: coconut water with its flesh and scoops of vanilla flavour ice cream. 

You do not want to have it under the hot sun. Carry the coconut shake to the dine-in section. It is just a few steps from the take-away stall.

Our coconut shake special.. Tastes very nice and friend loves it (we even came back on the next day before our way back to KL).

Both of us were quite hungry, we had this keropok lekor take-away too. But it didn't taste nice, guess they over-fried it so its taste rather too dry for us.

The dine-in section is selling assorted kuih-muih too, they even have nasi lemak and mee goreng. I bought curry puff, nasi lemak and mee goreng. But the food is tasteless, not up to the expectation at all. Not worth to spend the money on food, their coconut shake is the only best option.

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