August 25, 2014

Taste Better, One Bite Durian Puff

Location: Jalan Hang Jebat (Jonker Street), Melaka

Jonker Street is a must visit place in Malacca. Met a Singaporean retired couple who strongly recommended the durian puff, they even bought a few boxes like they have been missing it for long time. I thought they have the famous durian pancake at Chinatown too? That's my favourite.

The next day we went back to Jonker Street again with the intention to have our coffee break. Passed by the durian puff shop, decided to try it out. Since it's a bite size, we bought 6 pieces to make it a box. 6 pieces at RM10. 4 pieces with durian flavour and 2 pieces with cempedak. Yum yum.. must have it immediately, once it turns warm the taste is not as great as cold. One person 3 pieces each, actually not enough eh. Haaa..

Many tourists were gathered outside the shop chatting.

Cempedak Puff is the new taste. I like it too! Creamy and strong cempedak aroma will melt in your mouth. Nice..

Pricing is here:

The shop next to Taste Better also very famous at Jonker Street. They serve Baba Nyonya Laksa and ice kacang. This shop is packed all the time. It's hard to get a seat because of its limited capacity. We waited for a while and lucky enough to get 4-seat table. Will be introduced in the next post.

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