September 12, 2014

A Walk at Kuching Waterfront

After having Ah Yong ABC, I had a walk at Waterfront. Living in Kuching for so long, I rarely visit tourist areas. Most of the time move around vicinity of the area I stay.

Standing at the middle of Waterfront walk. North side to RiverBank Suites and Grand Margherita Hotel.

VMY2014, Visit Malaysia Year 2014

The first time I noticed the existence of embedded metal plate with the history of waterfront walk.

There are 4 ways of cruising Sarawak River.

1. Sarawak River Cruise, the most expensive one: Adult RM60, Child RM30. Package includes 1.5 hours of cruising, cultural performance, live commentary of iconic landmarks and light refreshments. Departs daily from 5.30pm to 7.00pm.

2. Sarawak Traditional Boat Cruise. Adult RM19, Child RM9. 1 hour duration. Departs daily from 10.00am to 6.00pm. They have 3 types of boat: Iban Long Boat, Malay Sampan and Orang Ulu Boat. Hmm.. I can't see much difference. Most of the sampan boats use motor now.

3. Sarawak Electric Cruise Boat. RM25 per pax. Speed might be faster than the traditional boat. The banner didn't state the departure time table and cruising duration.

One of the waterfront landmarks, Square Tower. Opposite across the road is Old Court House.

4. The cheapest way to cruise across Sarawak River: Sampan boat one way RM0.40 per pax.

Across Sarawak River, you can visit Astana and Fort Margherita. Built by second White Rajah, Charles Brooke. I should take a visit next time.

Scenery of Kuching Waterfront

There are a number of hawker stalls along the walk. I was tempted to have the roti John.

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