September 1, 2014

Duck Noodles at Kedai Makanan Dan Minimum Soon Yen, Melaka

Address: 596, Jalan Tengkera, Kota Laksamana, 75200 Melaka
GPS: 2.203092 , 102.234873

As we found the wrong place in the morning, we were still tempted to have duck noodles at Jalan Tengkera. We decided to try our luck and we finally found Soon Yen. We reached there around 1.30pm, the shop was pretty empty already. Luckily the duck noodles stall was still open.

This is the duck noodles. The gravy is sweet, I ain't sure it is because of the soy sauce? As I grown up in East Malaysia, our soy sauce is generally salty, not sweet version. It's hard to get a salty soy sauce in West Malaysia, can only get it from Chinese drug store. I couldn't finish the kuey teow. The duck meat strips were nice though.

This is the end of my Melaka post.

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